Me Duppath Hitha

Singer Lakshman Hewawitharana,
Composer Unknown
Lyricist Unknown

මේ දුප්පත් හිත තාමත් ඔබගෙ වෙනසක් නෑ පෙර වාගෙයි නෑ තරහක් නම්...

Our records indicate that Me Duppath Hitha is sung by Lakshman Hewawitharana, . The lyricist of this song is currently unknown. The composer of this song is currently unknown. Me Duppath Hitha's first published year is unknown. We would like to invite you to submit it if you are aware. We currently do not have a youtube link to this song. We appreciate if you can submit one. Lk Lyrics is largely a community maintained application. Please feel free to use our android app or web site to submit corrections to this song.

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